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About us

Broderie Plaisir.com is an e-commerce website based near Strasbourg (in Illkirch-Graffenstaden), dedicated to embroidery articles, created on March 1, 2012 by 2 enthusiasts of embroidery.

Catherine Legrain is a passionate embroideress. Catherine lives far away from Paris, and very quickly she was confronted with the difficulty to find the necessary material for her work. Looking for pearls, sequins, ribbons turned out to be an interminable job. Only internet permits to find the unfindable, sometimes -and often enough- at the other end of the planet. But even for embroidery articles English or other foreign languages are required, and sometimes purchase has to be done on doubtful websites. Moreover, multiplying orders multiplies unavoidably the delivery costs. In short, a sorrowful budget and hours of research for the missing threads or paillettes. And without being sure that the search would be successful.

With Broderie Plaisir.com you benefit of its good addresses, and you finally have got an address where you can find the articles you need. And by the way you will save precious time you may use for... embroidering.
Concerning the technical aspects, the website has been realized and managed since 12/2012 by the company Herb Informatique Sarl, directed by Alain Herb (http://www.herb.fr). 

Alain Herb is IT-specialist for the installation of networks and thecreation of internet sites and he is procuring reliable solutions, with the e-commerce solution Magento.

Payments are secured by the use of Paypal and CM-CIC payment.